The Azure Forest

The door swung open


Before me lay a forest

Drenched in emerald

But fading to a deep blue

In little more than a few meters

As though the sun

Brilliant as it shone

Could only impress upon me

But this small section of sight

I walked and all of me was heavy

Like a dream torpidity I felt the drag

I opened my mouth to call

To search for another

Who tread these verdant paths

But nothing came out

I slowly turned my sight skyward

Then I saw it

Just below the treetops

A shimmering blanket of wave

Where danced the rays of sun

This forest was also a sea

I do not drown

And I know these paths well

Though I never walked them

And upon this path

Quite by chance

I found another

She took my hand

And I, hers

And together we forged ahead

Deeper down its winding paths

There was something familiar

Something familial in her touch

A lover long lost

But no memories to say so


I know her

And she knows me

And together

We forge a world

In the endless blue


One thought on “The Azure Forest

  1. *heart swells*
    *tears up*
    I love you like the ocean loves the shore, like the moon loves the sun, and untill our bones are dust.
    I am so lucky to have found you.
    My love, my sweetness, my home.

    You are a wonderfully talented author anf I feel honored to have you write for me… for us…

    Liked by 1 person

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