Clouds roll as cotton waves

Over this tenebrous day

Where left I memories

Of times where I was gay

Whence went such times

Such joyful climbs

And why can I scarce recall

The feel of joy

The curve of love

I admit I cannot say



Our lips pressed

A kiss like a goodbye

And as she leant back

I saw how something died on those lips

An “I love you” never to be spoken

And in her eyes

I saw what she had already made of me

Another mistake

In a long line of men

Whom had wronged

And moved on

So I fixed my hat

And with a nod

I was gone

one day soon

The perfect way to finish out the year… beautiful words…

fuck the lemonade

making it through this year
With only a few scraped knees and just a little bruised skin
but mostly with happiness honeyed
and fluffy cloud thick joy
like cotton candy and mixed dialects
and love found and deliciously terrible sin

With bated breath we’ve waited
patient like poetry beats, wing beats
Like insects, like mantis
thought we’d sunk under the waves
Lost Forever like Atlantis

Now the only thing sinking in is our teeth
peach mango plum juicy syrup liquid enjoyment
your love so sweet I could turn it into wine
just add dandelions and our laughter and poetry so poignant

One day soon it will be the rest of our lives
the future rushes towards us like the light from the billion phantom stars
and yet we take comfort in the quiet moments
Solace in the sounds of us and the universe exhaling
after all,this year, this life, this…

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Writer’s Worry

We scheme and connive

Always looking for

Always planning for

The next beat

The way it all unfolds

Beneath pen



Somehow we have deemed

That we

And only we

Can tell this story

Can shape the land

Call it what you want

Hubris, I think is most fitting

Yet we are still here

Still so sure that this is right

That we still will write

What the world needs

What will effect the most

And what will be remembered

Directional Ambiguity

“This way!”

I cried to my companions

Backpack jostling

As I crested the top

A sea of pines

Spilled out below me

Stretching on beyond horizon

Completely unbroken

I stopped

And hesitated a moment

Pulling out my map

Squinting at the formations

Then flipping it over

Considering all angles

Soon my comrades caught up


One wheezed as he collapsed

Pulling out waterskin

And quenching thirst

“I may

Or may not

Have absolutely no idea

Where we are…”

our clockwork universe

fuck the lemonade

The lovers card pulled twice
Colours of indigo and bice

Incense curls lazily by the mirror
Our paths are looking so much clearer

And I sit, cross-legged and trusting
Amongst the starlight faerie dusting

Our clockwork universe
A well placed curse

Steam punk gears turning behind the veil
Leaning towards us, tipping the scale

Our craft is but a looking glass
A dash of white sage, a pinch witch grass

Allowing us but a peak
Helping find what we seek

The cards remind us what’s significant
Us, together and magnificent

Candles lit and spells cast
Our destiny is here at last

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