If there was a man


Who was everything you ever wanted

What you alway desired

And he hypothetically lived

In a big old house

Alone and want for love

Could you see yourself loving him


Only in concept

A purely thought formed man

Chiseled features

And flowing hair

The idea of perfection

Hypothetically waiting for you

In his imagined house

Dressed sharp

Just the way you like


You thought you could love him

You thought you were there

Holding him and kissing him

And living and loving

So perfectly lovely

But you awake each day


This man forgotten

For only a moment

And when you return

To this theoretical place

He feels like you were allways gone

You feel so guilty


You thought you loved him

You thought it was perfect

Until the day

You found him dead

Edges fuzzy and blurry and red

Already forgetting his breath

His perfect laugh

You realized

You didn’t love this man

You only thought of him


And so you went on

Your life none the worse

And from time to time

You think to yourself

The perfect man didn’t exist

Except the one

Who lived


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